Wool Mattress Pad

Wool Mattress Pad

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SnugSleep’s superwash wool mattress pads provide a healthy and comfortable sleeping environment. Wool’s unique ability to absorb up to 1/3 of its weight in moisture without feeling damp, allows it to efficiently wick away the one litre of moisture vapour our bodies lose each night. This prevents moisture build-up in the mattress, prolonging the life of the mattress as well as greatly increasing sleeping comfort.

SnugSleep’s wool mattress pads feature 100% pure British superwash wool and breathable cotton coverings. Custom quilting and edge stitching assure non-shifting of wool fill and elastic corner straps stretch to fit all mattress depths.

Made in North Vancouver, BC, Canada 

Wool has it all:

  • Temperature regulation
  • Super insulation
  • Resilience
  • Moisture absorption
  • Natural flame resistance
  • Therapeutic benefits


  • Twin $239.99
  • Twin XL $239.99
  • Full/Double $249.99
  • Queen $269.99
  • King $299.99

About SnugSleep

For a better quality, healthier sleep.

For over 30 years we have been manufacturing quality wool bedding products in North Vancouver, Canada. As an owner-operated company we are passionate about our products. Our company philosophy has always been:

“to manufacture and market only products that are beneficial to our customers’ health and well-being”.

Because we are passionate about our products, we are very particular about our raw material choices. By enjoying excellent long term relationships with our suppliers we can guarantee the quality of these materials. Did you know SnugSleep only selects:

  • 100% virgin British high bulk wool?
  • highly breathable fabrics for the duvet, pad and pillow coverings?
  • that no freshners or sanitizers are added to our wools?
  • Superwash wool for our washable wool duvets and mattress pads?
  • Our manufacturing processes are chosen to:
    • maximize wool loft through the carding process and the use of double carded wool.
    • enhance this wool loft with a wide quilting pattern on our duvets.

SnugSleep – quality wool bedding products at affordable prices

REST ASSURED… it’s wool, it’s SnugSleep