Quest 2.5 Lifestyle Base
Quest 2.5 Lifestyle Base
Quest 2.5 Lifestyle Base

Quest 2.5 Lifestyle Base

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Beaudoin's Quest 2.5 premium lifestyle base brings a new level of comfort to your bedroom you never thought was possible.  Our Quest 2.5 adjustable bed comes with offline voice control. You can adjust your bed using your voice without an internet connection. You can also enjoy essential features, such as Zero G button, 4 programmable presets and relaxation massage motors.  With multiple adjustable configurations, you will have endless possibilities of comfort and relaxation. 
If you enjoy watching TV, reading a book, or surfing the internet on your phone or tablet while in bed, simply raise the head to avoid straining your neck or shoulders.  Having your head elevated opens up your airways and reduces snoring.  Raise the feet to take pressure off your lower back and hips.  Plus, enjoy health benefits like improved circulation, pain relief, reduced acid reflux symptoms, reduced swelling in legs and feet, and more! 


  • Zero G™ preset position: One touch button that raises the legs and the head to promote circulation and relieve pressure off of the lower back.
  • Wireless remote with programmable presets: Ability to program up to 4 custom positions.
  • 3-Level massage: 10, 20, and 30 minute timer. 2 motors in every size.
  • Offline voice control: Allows you to adjust your bed using voice commands (without an internet connection).
  • LED flashlight: One touch button to turn the flashlight on the remote on or off.
  • LED under bed lighting: Set the mood or find the door - whatever you do with our below-bed LED lighting is up to you. We just don’t want you stumbling around in the dark.
  • USB outlet: Charge your favorite mobile devices with USB outlets on each side of the base.
  • Foldable and UPS’able: Provides a foldable base for easy storage, setup, and transportation.
  • Slim profile: The base has a thickness of only 3”. Therefore, you can easily fit your adjustable bed into your favorite bed/bedframe.
  • Gravity release safety feature: Head and foot motors designed to lower the mattress by retracting only with gravity, never pulling downwards, which minimizes pinch points.
  • Battery back up strap: In the event of a power outage, the base can be brought to a flat position by installing batteries to the emergency strap under the bed.
  • Smooth Power™ lifting system: Head and foot motors that gradually increase in power when articulated, providing the user with seamless transition from position to position.
  • Zero Standby Power™ system: For the energy conscious consumer, the Zero Standby Power System consumes < 1 W when not in use.
  • Smart Sync™ pairing system: Synchronization has never been easier. Simply connect two 39” XL bases with the sync cord provided. Each remote will operate both bases simultaneously. Just plug and go!
  • Next generation SilentDrive™ motors: Head and foot motors engineered to preserve a peaceful sleep environment by creating very little noise when activated.
  • 4-Level legs: 4-Level black round legs included: 3’’, 6’’, 9’’ and 12’’. Designed for full operation with legs or placed on a flat surface.
  • Headboard brackets available to order upon request — Additional charges apply
  • Available for in-store pick up or local delivery


  • Twin XL: $1,999 SALE $1,599
  • Queen: $2,099 SALE $1,699
  • King (1 Piece): $2,599 SALE $2,199
  • Dual King (2 Twin XL): $3,998 SALE $3,198

A Dual King lifestyle base is made up of two twin extra long bases, side by side.  The bases can be synched together for one king size mattress or can operate separately if used with two twin extra long mattresses, offering the option of individual adjustment.


    Warranty and Additional Information

    Quest 2.5 Owners Manual

    Quest 2.5 10 Year Limited Warranty

    Quest 2.5 Set-Up Instructions - Video

    Max weight capacity:  750 lbs / 340 kg

    Manufactured by Ergomotion